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Do you like the idea of Classical Education, but find it hard to implement? We can help! Easy Classical provides a variety of resources for teachers and homeschool mothers who desire to teach within the classical framework. We provide schedules, writing guides, copybooks, and geography curriculum all integrated for ease of use and increased retention.


SchedulesAll the hard work is done for you. We have researched Classical curriculum choices, integrated subjects, and tested the schedules for ease of use. Easy Classical schedules break a full year of education down into specific, daily assignments that are adaptable to fit all styles of learning. You will cover everything simply by following the schedule. Lesson plans for history, science, language arts, physical education, and even art are included at no extra charge.

Complete Schedules, Main Schedules, History Schedules & Science Schedules


Writing with History

Writing Guy

Over the years, we have encouraged our customers to use Institutes for Excellence in Writing's curriculum: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. This excellent writing program encourages the student to imitate good writing by taking notes, re-writing paragraphs, and adding stylistic techniques, which makes even the youngest student's writing sound eloquent. The only difficulty people have with this curriculum is that it is hard to implement. Our Writing with History Series provides an answer.


Geography with History

Geo Geography Tour GuideEasy Classical’s Geography with History brings history to life while you travel around the globe learning about the places, regions, physical systems, environment, and cultures of the people groups being studied. As you work your way through each lesson you will systematically cover each of the 18 standards developed by the Geography Education Standards Project.




History CopybooksEasy Classical's History Copybooks, written by Julie Shields, are designed to give your children copy work that relates to their history and literature curricula. Copy work has many benefits, including handwriting practice, practice with punctuation and sentence structure, and exposure to well-crafted poetry and prose. These books give the added benefit of reinforcing the topics you are already studying providing additional insights into the people and cultures of the various time periods with Scriptures, stories, proverbs, laws, and other primary sources.


Music with History

Maestro the Music GuyEasy Classical's Music with History coordinates the 18 music lessons with the history topics covered in the Easy Classical History Schedule. This allows the student to have a more complete sense of the time period and its people while learning musical concepts. As the year progresses, the student will learn how instruments were made and how music enhanced life. They will also learn about musical notation, musical forms, and instrument classification. By the end of the year, the student will have covered all of the standards developed by the National Association for Music Education.



What Others Are Saying

The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew Bloggers Posts

"Are you interested in the Classical approach, but don't know where to begin? Have you read Susan Wise Bauer's book the Well-Trained Mind: a Guide to classical Education at Home and then had no idea how to put it into practice? Well, Sandra Williams has done all the leg work for you..." For the complete Review as well as links to 90+ bloggers' reviews of our Early Modern History Schedule click here.

Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review of History Bundle

"For the price you pay for the complete Early Modern History Bundle ($109.95 for print and $79.95 for digital), you get a lot of value for your dollar. Mrs. Williams has done all the research, selecting, integrating, and correlating to create a fantastic curriculum that pulls together history, geography, writing, and copywork-not to mention fun projects and great literature. All the work has already been done for you, so you can spend your time teaching." For the complete review, click here.

Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review of Complete Schedules

"It's worth noting that one could spend a sizeable amount of time creating lesson plans for an individual curriculum. When I have done so in the past, it took me several days to map out the year, breaking down the lessons into daily chunks and creating lists of things to remember throughout the year. Mrs. Williams has done the work for you, done it for a complete year's worth of schooling, and done it exceptionally well. I believe that Easy Classical is well worth the $ 35.95 for the Kindergarten schedule and the $89.95 for first grade." For the complete reveiw, click here.

Wendy B. ~ Cary, N.C.

"I have been writing to you over the last few months from Cary, NC. I ordered some of the schedules in May and I am pleased with how much detail your schedules provide. It has been truely a burden lifted for me as I begin this first year. I have found the first grade main so easy to follow, very thorough, and helpful in ways I could not have known. I feel light years ahead. Thanks be to God for putting you in my path when I typed in a search for Easy and Classical, which I thought could not possibly exist."

Tess ~ WTM Message Board

"It was exactly what I was looking for...someone putting the WTM ideas for grades 1-3 in a schedule for me."

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