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Lessons to Integrate Writing with History
This guide includes 36 step-by-step lessons walking you through the concepts taught in the Institutes for Excellence in Writing curriculum, but breaking them down so that you can more easily lead the younger student through the lessons, while the older student can work more independently. This guide seemlessly integrates the history topics covered in the Modern history schedule with IEW's Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. Provided in each guide is a summary paragraph compiled from the history readings scheduled for the week, with the concepts taught in IEW's writing curriculum in mind.

Writing guide written to coincide with concepts taught in IEW's curriculum.

Step-by-step lessons to make teaching writing easier.

History summary paragraphs included in each lesson, written with IEW concepts in mind.

Appendix filled with over 20 pages of writing charts, sheets, and diagrams.

Each lesson is written to both the older and younger child.