New Testament, Greece and Rome History Links

Week 2
Greek Countryside
Greek Landscapes
Mycenaean Pottery

Week 3  
Map of Troy
Trojan War     

Week 6
Physical Features Map of Greece

Week 8
Aeneas's Wanderings

Week 12
Cyrus the Great 1
Cyrus the Great 2
Persepolis 1
Persepolis 2

Week 16
Birthplace of Greek Philosophers
Aristotle's Birthplace
Ancient Macedonia
Map of Cyprus
Stoic Philosopher

Week 18
Map of Alexander's Conquests
Animated Map of Alexander's Conquests

Week 22
Great Wall of China

Week 27
Jesus' Ministry

Week 28
Passion Week

Week 29
Great Fire of Rome 1
Great Fire of Rome 2
Great Fire of Rome 3

Week 30
Temple in Jerusalem