Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation History Links

Week 1
Essay on Augustine's life

Week 3  
Map of ancient geography during the time of Beowulf      
Picture of the original manuscript of Beowulf

Week 4
St. Jerome's Vulgate
Medieval Manuscript

Week 5
Council of Chalcedon
Map of Church Councils

Week 6
St. Benedict Monastery today
Monasteries Built after the order of St. Benedict
Physical Features Map of Italy

Week 8
Map of Mecca and Medina
Pictures and Information about Saudi Arabian Cities

Week 9
Pictures of the Grand Canal
Map of the Grand Canal
For Great information on the rivers and culture of China

Week 11
Battle of Edington
Information on the Vikings
Map of the Kingdom of Alfred the Great (click on the map in the right hand corner)

Week 12
Otto I information and map

Week 15
Battle of Hastings strategic maps
Map of Hastings England and Normandy across the English Channel
Download Google Earth
--Type in "Battle of Hastings" in Google Earth
Battle of Hastings and Surrounding sites (pictures in Google Earth)

Week 16
Cathedrals of Europe interactive map

Week 17
The Crusades

Week 18
Map of Assisi Italy
Pictures of Assisi Italy

Week 19
Picture of the Magna Carta
Interactive and close up view of the Magna Carta
King John Lackland
Climate Zone Map of the British Isles

Week 20
Google Map (type in the city name to find the location on your map)

Week 21
Map of Genghis Khan's Campaigns
Asia in the Middle Ages

Week 22
Map of Marco Polo's Travels
Information on the Silk Road

Week 23
Map of the Spread of the Black Death

Week 24
Panoramic views of Avignon

Week 25
Map of Oxford England

Week 26
Hagia Sophia
Map of Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire in 1453

Week 27
Gutenbergs's Printing Press
Map of the Spread of Printing in Europe

Week 29
Iberian Peninsula 1400-1600

Week 30
Castle Church, Wittenberg, Germany
Model of the Wittenberg Church
Map of Wittenberg, Germany

Week 31
Information on Ulrich Zwingli
Information on the Reformation in Switzerland and a Map
Information on Zurich
Picture of Grossmunster

Week 32
National Archives copy of the Act of Supremacy
Hampton Court Palace and other historical sites in England
Google Earth presentation of the Wives of Henry VIII

Week 33
Article on Calvin's Life
Map of the spread of Calvinism
Geneva Switzerland
Interactive Map of Switzerland

Week 34
Titan's painting of the Council of Trent
Geography of Trento (Trent) Italy

Week 35
Pictures of places surrounding John Knox house in Edinburgh, Scotland
Information and Map of Edinburgh, Scotland
Map of the Spread of the Reformation in Europe