Chemistry Links

Week 1
  Science Fair Ideas

Week 7
  Pictures and information about the Dead Sea

Week 8
  More information on aquifers
  USGA information on aquifers

Week 12
  USA Today Article on Geodes
  Pictures of Geodes

Week 13
  Solutions and Mixtures
  Molecular Models (This website is a little advanced, but it is a great visual picture)

Week 15        
  Solutions, Suspensions, Miscible and Immiscible

Week 16
  Saturation, Dilution and Concentration

Week 17
  Emulsion and Emulsifier

Week 18

Week 20
  Atom Model

Week 21
  Atom Bonding
  Atomic Structure and Bonding
  Chemical Bonding
  Three-D Models of Common Molecules
  Fun Experiments with Electricity        
  Make Your Own Voltaic Pile

Week 23
  Periodic Table and Elements (click through the list of links on the right column for more information)
  Information on classifying Metals on the Periodic Table

Week 24
  Alkali Metals
  The Hindenburg

Week 25
  Alkaline Earth Metals
  U.S Geological Survey (to determine where in the country the water is hard and where it is soft)

Week 26
  Information about lead in the environment
  Information about Bismuth
  Pepto Bismol

Week 27
  20 Mule Team Museum
  Mineral Science Museum (website recommended in Fizz, Bubble and Flash)
  Nobel Prize

Week 28
  Information on Global Warming  (website recommended in Fizz, Bubble and Flash)
  Buckminster Fuller Institute (website recommended in Fizz, Bubble and Flash)
  Stinking Flower

Week 29

Week 30
  Superhero facts (this is a fun site recommended by Fizz, Bubble and Flash)

Week 32
  National Park Geological Tour (National Park Service)
  National Parks in your area
  Luminescent Lanthanides

Week 33
  How Smoke Detectors Work

Week 34
  Chemical Reactions
  Chemistry Video Collection (this video is for purchase, but the site has a preview of some chemical reaction