Fifth Grade Curriculum

Fifth Grade Complete Curriculum List

Below is a list of the books needed to complete the Fifth Grade Complete Schedule. Since we are dedicated to keeping your costs down, we have created links to the best priced book sellers. You can purchase the books on or by clicking the links below. Or you can link to the WorldCat website which provides a list of the local libraries that contain each book. You just enter your zip code and WorldCat will generate a list of libraries, containing the book, that are close to you.

Fifth Grade Complete Schedule

The Fifth Grade Complete Schedule uses the curriculum and books listed below as well as the curriculum and books listed in the Early Modern History and Animals, Human Body, and Plants Science Curriculum and schedules. Each resource is broken down into a 5-day week, 36-week year. Included in the schedule are detailed instructions on how to use our schedules as well as instructions on how to use the curriculum you purchase.  We send you all of this three ringed binder.


General Resources

We have found these resources helpful for establishing a great foundation for your homeschool. These resources are not scheduled, but are meant as a resource for you to refer to throughout the year.



Your job as a parent is not primarily to keep your child "happy," but rather to train him up to be a responsible adult. One way to begin to accomplish this goal is to give your children responsibilities around the house. Doing chores and getting paid for a job well done, helps the child to make the connection between working hard and making money. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr. is a great resource for helping you to do this.



The Fifth Grade Main schedule uses Training Hearts, Teaching Minds. This great devotional book encourages children to memorize the catechism, while giving excellent explanations of what the answers mean. If you haven't already purchased a Bible for your child, choose the Bible you think most appropriate for the reading level of your child. The Bible memory verses coincide with the lessons being learned in Training Hearts, Teaching Minds book. Use the Tracking Your Walk Journal to write summaries of the Bible lessons, memory verses, and prayer requests throughout the year.

Reformation Study Bible Child's Story Bible Tracking Your Walk Training Hearts Teaching Minds



Spelling Workout is a great, easy to use, spelling curriculum.

Spelling Workout F Spelling Workout F



This is a great handwriting program. The instruction manual has a couple of pages of instruction for each level in the program. Only purchase the instruction manual if you haven't purchased it in a previous grade.

Itallic Handwriting F Italics Handwriting Instructor's Guide

Use the Early Modern History Copybook to go along with the Early Modern History included in this schedule, for extra handwriting practice.

Early Modern History Copybook



Institutes for Excellence in Writing offers a wonderful training syllabus and DVD set for teachers. Once you have been through all the DVD's you will be completely equipped to teach and evaluate your child's writing.


Easy Classical Press offers a companion guide to IEW's Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. These guides, as they become available, will help you to implement the wonderful concepts taught in IEW's curriculum, integrating it seamlessly with the history topics taught in our history schedules.

writing with History: Early Modern Times



Shurley English offers a wonderful grammar program that creatively teaches the often elusive grammar concepts.



Classical Academic Press offers a great Latin program called Latin for Children. This teachers manual, student workbook, and DVD series creatively teaches Latin vocabulary and Latin Grammar.

Latin for Children Primer C Latin for Children C Answer Key Primer C DVDs Primer C History Reader



Saxon math is an excellent "scripted" math program, that is very easy to teach, even for the math phobics out there. We recommend you use Saxon 76 for fifth grade. Saxon 65 is more of a fourth grade math program.

Saxon Math 76



Drawing with Children is an excellent introduction to drawing even for the young child. We have coordinated the art lessons taught in Drawing with Children with our science and history schedules.

Drawing With Children Sketch Pad Colored Pencils


Physical Education

This physical education guide is scheduled throughout the year to ensure you and your child are getting adequate amounts of exercise. Daily muscular strength and fitness assignments as well as bi-weekly aerobic exercises are scheduled throughout the year.

Homeschool Physical Fitness Guide


Critical Thinking

These critical thinking software programs are an excellent addition to the curriculum choices for fourth grade. It not only helps the child to think more logically, but also has been shown to improve standardized test scores. Reading Detective "games" encourage a higher level of reading comprehension. Editor in Chief helps the child to put into practice the grammar skills learned with Shurley English. Math Detectives helps solidify math facts and math computation skills necessary to build a strong foundation in math. Mind Benders is a great logic building program.

Reading Detective A1 Editor in Chief A1 Math Detective A1 Mind Benders A1/A2



The Fifth Grade Complete Schedule includes the Animals, Human Body, and Plants Science Schedule. Below is a link to the curriculum choices for this schedule.

Animals, Human Body, and Plants Curriculum



The Fifth Grade Complete Schedule includes the Early Modern History Schedule. Below is a link to the curriculum choices for this schedule.


Early Modern History Curriculum