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Modern History Copybook Copybook GDI Basic (Grades K-3)
Print Version: $15.95

Digital Version: $9.95

Modern History Copybook GDI Cursive (Grades 4-6)
Print Version: $15.95

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Digital Version: $9.95

Modern History Copybook
These two versions of the Modern History Copybook provide a selection of historical texts, sayings, Bible passages, and stories for copy work use. This consumable workbook has formatted lines for ease of use. It has three days worth of copy work per topic per week. It is designed to complement the Easy Classical Modern History Schedule. The Getty-Dubay Italics version is recommended for grades K-3. The Getty-Dubay Italics Cursive version is recommended for grades 4-7.

*Copywork exercises integrated with history topics.

*Passages chosen from historical texts, sayings, proverbs, and stories.

*Spiral binding allows the book to lay flat on the table making writing easier.

*No more fumbling through history readings for appropriate copywork!

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