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Fourth Grade Complete Curriculum Choices

Fourth Grade Complete Schedule
Easy Classical Fourth Grade includes 36 week-long schedules plus 90+ pages of charts, sheets and helps that will enhance your child’s learning.  These 90+ pages are broken down into a language arts section, a Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation history section, a Physics science section, an art section, and a physical education packet.  You also receive detailed instructions on how to use our schedules as well as instructions on how to use the curriculum you purchase.  We send you all of this neatly placed in a 1 1/2 ” 3-ring binder. More Info...
Fourth Grade Schedule  

Fourth Grade Complete Schedule

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General Resources
The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer provides a great overview of classical education and instructions on how to implement the classical style of learning in the homeschool. Shepherding a Child's Heart provides a great foundation for effective parenting that will encourage children to think through the ramifications of their actions and begin to chose to obey based on their love for God rather than a need to conform to their parents desires. Say Goodbye to Whining... gives practical suggestions for implementing the concepts learned in Shepherding a Child's Heart. Wise Words for Moms is great calendar-like pamphlet that lists appropriate verses to read to your child while disciplining him for sins or offenses common to children. These verses back up Mom or Dad's discipline with Scripture.

Many parents today spend endless hours trying to entertain or inundate their children with activities geared toward making them happy. This often ends poorly, leading to unsatisfied children and frustrated parents. Instead, parents should focus on providing a balance between fun activities and giving children opportunities to be responsible. Parents can accomplish this goal by assigning their children chores around the house. Doing chores and getting paid for a job well done, helps the child to feel like an integral part of the family. It also allows them to make the connection between working hard and making money. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr. is a great resource for helping you to do this.

God's Great Covenant: Old Testament 2 introduces the child to the great stories of the Old Testament. Each chapter includes a theme, a memory verse, key facts, and things to remember. The lessons also include a worksheet and a memory quiz to help the child retain the information he has gathered. The teacher's manual includes additional background information as well as answers to the worksheet and quiz questions. Choose the Study Bible or the Jesus Story Bible based on the maturity and attention span of the child.
Reformation Study Bible Child's Story Bible God's Great Covenant 2 (Student) God's Great Covenant 2 (Teacher)

The books in the Spelling Workout series are organized around a test-study method. Students take a pretest, self-correct and rewrite words, study through the practice exercises, and take a final test. Student lessons include fun riddles and puzzles, and conclude with a wrap-up and review; cumulative reviews of multiple chapters are also provided.
Spelling Workout D Spelling Workout D (Teacher)

This is a great handwriting program, which teaches the child to write using italic handwriting. Many children find this type of handwriting easier to master, and also find the transition between writing print and writing in cursive much easier. The instruction manual has a couple of pages of instruction for each level in the program. Only purchase the instruction manual if you haven't purchased it in a previous grade.
Italic Handwriting E Italics Handwriting Instructor's Guide
The history copybooks below are a great way for the student to practice handwriting while copying historical literature, poems, verses, and quotes. The exercises included in this copybook are integrated with the Easy Classical Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation History Schedule included in the Fourth Grade Complete Schedule. They provide three days worth of copywork exercises per week. The history copybooks come in two levels: K-3 (basic) and 4-6 (cursive).

Middle Ages, Ren and Ref History Copybook

Easy Classical Writing with History: Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation includes 36 step-by-step lessons walking you through the concepts taught in the Institutes for Excellence in Writing curriculum, but breaking them down so that you can more easily lead the younger student through the lessons, while the older student can work more independently. This guide seamlessly integrates the history topics covered in the Easy Classical History Schedules with IEW's Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. Provided in each guide is a summary paragraph compiled from the history readings scheduled for the week, with the concepts taught in IEW's writing curriculum in mind.
Writing with History Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation

WWH: Middle Ages, Ren. Ref.

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Shurley English is a creative grammar program that utilizes a variety of techniques that enables children with different learning styles to grasp the rules of the English language. Through audio jingles, workbook exercises, study notes, and tests the child's understanding of these concepts continues to grow through the lessons and through the different levels in the series.

Latin for Children Primer A is an engaging, incremental and creative text. It contains clear explanations, illustrations, exercises, tests and a useful reference section. It also contains a wealth of mnemory aids (songs, chants) to assist mastery of vocabulary and grammar. Five hours of video instruction featuring author Christopher Perrin teaching his two daughters at home. Each lesson features chanting and singing of vocabulary and paradigms along with clear grammatical explanations by Dr. Perrin. The actual text from the book appears on the screen as the girls chant and sing their vocbulary and paradigms, making it easy to follow along. Three DVDS, 5 hours total. Each lesson (averaging 15 minutes) corresponds to the weekly chapter in the LFC Primer A. 3 DVD's plus 2 Chant CD's. Integrated with Shurley Grammar. Children who use this program love learning Latin!
Latin For Children Primer A Latin for Children Answer Key Latin for Children A DVD's Latin for Children A History Reader

Saxon Math 5/4 lessons include Power Up activities, teaching of the new concept with examples, and practice of new and previous material. 12 Investigations included contain in-depth examinations of math topics that develop mathematical thinking through applications, activities, and extensions. Tests and answer keys are provided for all homeschool tests. If you are unsure whether this is the right level for your child, use this placement test.
Saxon 54

Drawing with Children is an excellent introduction to drawing even for the young child. We have coordinated the art lessons taught in Drawing with Children with our science and history schedules. Mone Brookes's easy to follow, lesson by lesson approach to drawing has yielded astounding results with children of all ages and beginning adults. Her unique drawing program has created a revolution in the field of education and a sense of delight and pride among the thousands of students who have learned to draw through her Monart Method. 
Drawing With Children Sketch Pad Colored Pencils

Physical Education
Homeschool Family Fitness provides a variety of exercises and activities that encourage fine motor and gross motor skills. We schedule daily muscular strength and fitness assignments as well as bi-weekly aerobic exercises throughout the year.
Homeschool Physical Fitness Guide

Critical Thinking Skills
These critical thinking software programs are an excellent addition to the curriculum choices for third grade. They not only help the child to think more logically, but also improves standardized test scores. Reading Detective "games" encourage a higher level of reading comprehension. Editor in Chief helps the child to put into practice the grammar skills learned with Shurley English. Math Detectives helps solidify math facts and math computation skills necessary to build a strong foundation in math.
Reading Detective Beginners Editor in Chief Beginning Math Detective Beginning

Easy Classical Fourth Grade Complete Schedule includes the Physics Science Schedule. The books you need to complete this part of the schedule are listed on the page linked below. If you would like to do one of our other science programs along with the Fourth Grade Schedule, the Fourth Grade Main Schedule would be a better choice. If you use the Fourth Grade Main Schedule, you can mix and match it with the history and science to meet the needs of your child.
Physics Books

Easy Classical Fourth Grade Complete Schedule includes the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation History Schedule. The books you need to complete this part of the schedule are listed on the page linked below. If you would like to do one of our other history programs along with the Fourth Grade Schedule, the Fourth Grade Main Schedule would be a better choice. If you use the Fourth Grade Main Schedule, you can mix and match it with the history and science to meet the needs of your child.
Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation Books

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