Early Modern Curriculum

Early Modern History Curriculum List

Below is a list of the books needed to complete the Modern History Schedule.  Feel free to pick and choose among the resources to fit the needs of your family. Since we are dedicated to keeping your costs down, we have created links to the best priced book sellers. You can purchase the books on Christianbook.com or Amazon.com by clicking the links below. Or you can link to the WorldCat website which provides a list of the local libraries that contain each book. You just enter your zip code and WorldCat will generate a list of libraries containing the book that are close to you.

History Schedule

The Early Modern History Schedule uses a variety of resources to provide a intriguing look into the discovery of America and the development of a new nation. Your child will take a fascinating journey alongside explorers who discovered the Americas, and rebels who fought in the Revolutionary war. We have taken the time to carefully interconnect the study of history with geography, art, writing, and read-alouds. More info...


History Resources

The Early Modern History Schedule uses a variety of resources to provide a intriguing look into the discovery of America and the development of a new nation. The books listed in this section are necessary for completing the schedule and will be used throughout the year.



Geography Resources

The Geography resources listed below are scheduled throughout the year. They will be used to help your child "visit" the placed being studied, bringing history to life.

Writing with History: Early Modern Times Geography Songs Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book Uncle Josh's Outline Map CD


World Atlas for Young Explorers Laminated World Map Inflatable World Globe


Writing Resources
Writing with History: Early Modern Times Early Modern Copybook (K-3) Early Modern History Copybook

Early Modern History Copybook: Grades K-3

at Easyclassical.com



Below are the literature recommendations for this schedule, which are broken down into three categories: Read Alouds, Early Readers, and Free Reading Books. The Early Readers are picture books appropriate for the younger child, or the kinesthetic learner. They are not scheduled throughout the year. The Read Aloud and Free Reading books are scheduled throughout the year. The Read Alouds are scheduled for you to read to your child, or for the older child to read on his own. The Free reading books are scheduled for the older child to read on his own.

Scheduled Read Aloud Books

Explorers Who Got Lost Pedro's Journal First Voyage to America Madeleine Takes Command


Raleigh Takes Command Voyage to Freedom Duncan's War The Witch of Blackbird Pond


Hearts and Hands Ben Franklin of Philadelphia Guns of Thunder Duel in the Wilderness


Johnny Tremain Yankee Doodle Boy Reb and the Redcoats Traitor Case of Benedict Arnold


Bold Journey Great Little Madison Ocean of Truth


Suggested Early Readers
Bears on Hemlock Mountain Courage of Sarah Noble You Can't Make Them Behave King George Jamestown


Skippack School Rip Van Winkle Declaration of Independence George Washington


Winter at Valley Forge If you Were there When they Signed the Constitution Meet George Washington Meet Thomas Jefferson


Suggested Free Reading Books
Pocahontas and the Strangers Homes in the Wilderness Dangerous Journey Rip Van Winkle


Witchcraft of Salem Village Jonathan and Sarah an Uncommon Union Indian Captive Struggle for a Continent


Rebel's Keep Toliver's Secret Streams to the River, River to the Sea Kings Arrow


Supplemental Resources

The resources listed here will provide supplemental information on the topic being covered in each lesson. These resources are not essential to completing the schedule, but rather provide more information and allow you to go deeper in your understanding of the topic. Also listed are some fun hands-on activities that you can complete to bring history to life.

History Pockets: Explorers to North America History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony History Pockets: Colonial America History Pockets: American Revolution


100 Most Important Events in Church History Church in History US Constitution Declaration of Independence


Of Plymouth Plantation Liberty Kids CD-ROM Aztec Treasure Chest Lift the Lid on Pirates