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Early Modern History Schedule
The Early Modern History Schedule takes the child on a journey back in history to the time of the Explorers and Colonizers. Throughout the year, the child will walk along side the explorers; visit the key countries who colonized the Americas; and experience the cultures of the Native Americans, the American colonies, Middle East, Europe, India, and China. The schedule integrates the history topics with writing, geography, and art. It also schedules historical novels and projects each week that coincide with the topic being covered. The schedule provides  detailed instructions on how to use it as well as instructions on how to use the curriculum you purchase.  We send you all of this neatly placed in a 1” 3-ring binder. More Info...
Early Modern Times Schedule  

Early Modern History Schedule

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Essential History Resources
The Early Modern History Schedule uses a variety of resources to provide a intriguing look at the early explorers and their travels to find gold, a short cut to India, and new land. Bauer's The Story of the World Vol. 2 and 3 provide the backbone for this exciting study.VP History Cards and Guerber's The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and Story of the New Republic take us on an exciting journey to the new worlds focusing more on the European countries. The History of US series focuses on the history of the United States. The books listed in this section are necessary for completing the schedule and will be used throughout the year.

Geography Resources
Geography with History: Early Modern Times takes a closer look at the countries involved in sending explorers in search for new worlds. Traveling along side the explorers, students discover the Americas and take a peek into the cultures of the American Indians. As they travel through time they watch as Europeans, greedy for gold, take over this land, and Puritans, running for their lives and looking for religious freedom, establish new colonies. They watch as the new settlers build towns and cities and eventually form their own country out from under the tyranny of the English King George. As the student sails through history they systematically cover each of the 18 standards developed by the Geography Education Standards Project. Geography Songs uses songs to encourage the child to memorize all the countries, capitals, and oceans around the world. Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book provides blackline maps needed to complete the mapping exercises in the Geography with History lessons. Choose between the print version and the CD-ROM version.
Writing with History: Early Modern Times Geography Songs Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book Uncle Josh's Outline Map CD
World Atlas for Young Explorers Laminated World Map Inflatable World Globe

Writing Resources
This guide includes 36 step-by-step lessons walking you through the concepts taught in the Institutes for Excellence in Writing curriculum, but breaking them down so that you can more easily lead the younger student through the lessons, while the older student can work more independently. This guide seamlessly integrates the history topics covered in the Early Modern History Schedule with IEW's Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. Provided in each guide is a summary paragraph compiled from the history readings scheduled for the week, with the concepts taught in IEW's writing curriculum in mind. The History Copybooks, which are available in two levels, provide handwriting practice while the child copies ancient writings, Scripture verses, poems, and passages.
Writing with History: Early Modern Times IEW: Teaching Writing Structure and Style Early Modern Copybook (K-3) Early Modern History Copybook

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

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Early Modern History Copybook: Grades K-3

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Music Resources
Easy Classical's Music with History coordinates the 18 music lessons with the history topics covered in Easy Classical History Schedules. During this study the student gains a more complete sense of the time period and its people while learning musical concepts. As the year progresses, the student learns how instruments were made and how music enhanced life. They also learn about musical notation, musical forms, and instrument classification. By the end of the year, the student will have covered the standards developed by the National Association for Music Education.

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MWH: Early Modern History

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Below are the literature recommendations for this schedule, which are broken down into categories: Scheduled Read Aloud Books, Early Readers and Free Reading Books for Older Kids. The Read Alouds are scheduled throughout the year for you to read to your child, or for the older child to read on his own. The Early Readers are picture books appropriate for the younger child, or the kinesthetic learner; and the Free Reading Books for Older Kids provide additional reading opportunities for the curious child or voracious reader.
Scheduled Read Aloud Books
Explorers Who Got Lost Pedro's Journal First Voyage to America Madeleine Takes Command
Raleigh Takes Command Voyage to Freedom Duncan's War The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Hearts and Hands Ben Franklin of Philadelphia Guns of Thunder Duel in the Wilderness
Johnny Tremain Yankee Doodle Boy Reb and the Redcoats Traitor Case of Benedict Arnold
Bold Journey Great Little Madison Ocean of Truth
Early Readers
Bears on Hemlock Mountain Courage of Sarah Noble You Can't Make Them Behave King George Jamestown
Skippack School Rip Van Winkle Declaration of Independence George Washington
Winter at Valley Forge If you Were there When they Signed the Constitution Meet George Washington Meet Thomas Jefferson
Free Reading Books for Older Kids
Pocahontas and the Strangers Homes in the Wilderness Dangerous Journey Rip Van Winkle
Witchcraft of Salem Village Jonathan and Sarah an Uncommon Union Indian Captive Struggle for a Continent
Rebel's Keep Toliver's Secret Streams to the River, River to the Sea Kings Arrow

Supplemental Resources
The following resources provide additional helpful information to explore the topics covered in the schedule more deeply. Some of the resources below provide suggestions for crafts, activities, and projects that will help the kinesthetic learner gain a better grasp of the material. We used the History Pockets Series projects to keep little hands busy during read aloud time.  
History Pockets: Explorers to North America History Pockets: Life in Plymouth Colony History Pockets: Colonial America History Pockets: American Revolution
100 Most Important Events in Church History Church in History US Constitution Declaration of Independence
Of Plymouth Plantation Liberty Kids CD-ROM Aztec Treasure Chest Lift the Lid on Pirates

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