Chemsitry Curriculum

Chemistry Curriculum List

Below is a list of the books needed to complete the Chemistry Schedule.  Feel free to pick and choose among the resources to fit the needs of your family. Since we are dedicated to keeping your costs down, we have created links to the best priced book sellers. You can purchase the books on or by clicking the links below. Or you can link to the WorldCat website which provides a list of the local libraries that contain each book. You just enter your zip code and WorldCat will generate a list of libraries , containing the book, that are close to you.

Chemistry Schedule

The Chemistry Schedule uses the curriculum and books listed below and schedules each resource into a 5-day week, 36-week year. Included in the schedule are detailed instructions on how to use our schedules as well as instructions on how to use the books you purchase. We send you all of this three ringed binder.  This schedule is geared toward children grades K-6.  Each weekly schedule includes review questions with answers,  a shopping list for the next week, and detailed instructions on how to use our schedules as well as instructions on how to use the curriculum you purchase.  We send you all of this in a three ring binder with tabs to separate the weeks. More Info...


Essential Books to Complete the Chemistry Schedule

These books are scheduled throughout the year. Since Chemistry is an abstract subject, most of the material covered this year will be geared toward 3rd through 6th graders. If you were planning to have your younger child complete science with an older sibling, don't worry, there are plenty of fun experiments and activities that will engage the younger child. You can still use this curriculum with multiple children of varying ages.


Chemistry for Every Kid Fizz, Bubble, and Flash Where Puddles Go Super Science Concoctions


Additional Materials

Optional Projects

Kids love to do a projects associated with what they are learning. These science kits are fun and easy to complete. If your budget is tight we provide instructions on how to do these projects with simple items you may already have at home. If your schedule is tight, choosing one or more of these projects can save the time it would take to round up all the necessary supplies.


Ein-o's Bubble Science Slime Kit Bubbly Fizzy Kit Molecular Model


The Mystery of the Periodic Table Color Mixer Kit Crystal Science Kit Kitchen Chemistry Kit


Optional Equipment

Below are some fun "Chemistry supplies" that can be used this year. If your budget is tight we offer some suggestions for how to improvise with items you may have around your house. If your schedule is tight, purchasing these items and storing them with your science equipment can save you time.

Beakers Plastic Test Tubes Test Tube Rack Droppers


Measuring Spoons Scale Alligator Clip