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The Williams Family

The Williams Family
We began our homeschool journey in 1998 when our oldest son was 4 years old, telling everyone who questioned us,"We are planning to take this homeschooling thing one year at a time, spending time each year evaluating how well things are going. We are not going to commit to this thing long term! We surely don't want to ruin our children, and if homeschooling was ruining them, we were going to find a different option." Now over a decade later, we are amazed and so very thankful for the wonderful years we have spent educating and getting to know each of our children deeply. We have spent hours together discovering the wonders of God's creation, uncovering the vaulable lessons to be learned from the triumphs and failures of history, and even spending profitable time learning to perservere through the more mundane tasks of learning. But lest, I mislead you, homeschooling has not been unfettered bliss. We experienced many days, especially when I had a newborn or toddler in the house, when in the midst of reading a historical novel that I would catch myself falling asleep mid-sentence. We had and still have our days when we try to start a math lesson and the math book is myteriously missing, or no one can seem to find a pencil, anywhere. And there are constant arguments that I am called upon to officiate. Those are the days when I hear the school bus go by and I seriously consider throwing my kids shoes on, and rushing them out the door to meet it. Those are also the days when I realize that raising kids is not about my comfort or peace, but rather a journey of daily teaching them how to be diligent, caring, other-focused young people that I am going to launch into adulthood. In the process of teaching them, I have learned and continue to learn much more about my own need for patience, humility, love, and the list goes on. Homeschooling hasn't been a journey without bumps and wrong turns, but it has been well worth the hardships as we begin to reap the benefits in our lives and the lives of our kids.

Sandra graduated from Phil-Mont Christian Academy with honors, and then attended Messiah College, in Grantham, PA. Shortly after graduating with a bachelors of science in nursing, Sandra married Keith Williams, and they moved to North Carolina where Keith was attending the University of North Carolina Law School. During this time, Sandra was employed at a local hospital working as an obstetrics nurse where she came in contact with midwives who encouraged her to get an advanced degree in nursing. After graduating from law school, Keith took a job working for a Federal District Court judge in the only town in the state where a new nurse-midwiferey program was starting. Two years later Keith finished his clerkship, and Sandra graduated from the midwifery program with a masters of science in nursing and became certified as a nurse midwife. Two weeks before graduation, the Williams found out they were pregnant with their first child. Instead of taking a full-time job as a nurse midwife, Sandra taught continuing education classes for obstetric nurses in area hospitals and birthing classes for a local obstetrics group. Since beginning their homeschool journey, Sandra has worked as a full-time homeschool mom.

Community Involvement
The Williams Family attends Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA), where Keith has served as an elder since 1995. Keith works as an attorney for the Law Offices of Keith Williams, LLP. Sandra has served on the board of the Carolina Pregnancy Center. Sandra is one of the founding membesr of SOAR, a speech and debate club in Greenville, NC, associated with NCFCA.





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